loafAlltanksCom LLC offers quality loaf tanks for sale. Loaf tanks are rectangular storage tanks. They are rotational molded, one piece, seamless of FDA-NSF-61 approved polyethylene resins.

Loaf tanks get their name because they are proportionally similar to a loaf of bread. Its shape allows insertion into trailers, skid systems, truck beds, and plant system process.

Our polyethylene ensures long-term usage in whichever process it is inserted. Black is available for potable outdoor installations. Mobile applications require a set of bands to stabilize the loaf tank in your installation. These are typically custom to your application. Note: If used in chemical processes, make sure the connections and gaskets materials will endure all chemicals involved.

Product Description

Loaf Tanks
Gallon Capacity Width Overall Height Length Outlet/Drain Specification Fill Opening Premium Weight Part No. White Avail
50¤ 27″ 17″ 41″ N/A 8″ 43610 I,L,X
100¤ 27″ 30″ 41″ N/A 8″ 43611 I,L,X
200 36″ 29″ 48″ N/A 8″ 43612 I,L,X
300 42″ 30″ 63″ N/A 8″ 43613 I,L,X
500 48″ 31″ 92″ N/A 8″ 43843 I,L,X