holdingAllTanksCom LLC sells a huge selection of quality holding tanks to meet your plastic water storage tank needs.

We stock a large quantity of above ground and below ground holding tanks, designed as a rotational molded polyethylene product. These tanks are made of NSF 61 and FDA resins, and primarily used for water storage, both non-potable and potable drinking water. They are commonly used as RV water tanks, marine holding tanks, and sewage holding tanks to store black water and grey water.

The tanks come with a 16″ access, and we have connections up to a 4″ available. The ribs and integral columns function to create strength. These features allow dirt to compact into the spaces, creating a corrugated design, which removes the potential crushing effect of below grade earth compression.

Whether you need an RV portable holding tank or a black water holding tank, we’ve got you covered.

Product Description

Below Ground Holding Tanks
Gallon Capacity Length Width Height Manhole Diameter Part No. Avail
2000 126″ 98″ 51″ 1-20″ (62408) 42559 B,C,E
2500 159″ 99″ 51″ 1-20″ (63672) 44079 B
2500 158″ 98″ 51″ 1-20″ (62408) 42119 L
2600 155″ 99″ 51″ 1-20″ (63672) 43770 B
2650* 155″ 99″ 81″ 1-20″ (63672) 43771< B
*Tank includes molded on extension.